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The Piki Piki Bike was specially designed to be the best beginner ride-on for toddlers.

Stable, easy to use, mobile and steerable, the Piki Piki Bike is widely rated as the best ride-on toy for boys and girls 18 months and older. These young kids have a tough time balancing and pedaling - difficulties which are overcome by the easy-to-use Piki Piki Bike.

Because it is easy to use, the Piki Piki Bike builds confidence and independence. It also helps develop gross motor coordination and encourages kids to get active and moving.

The Piki Piki Bike is the ideal first ride-on bike providing years of fun and exercise while bridging the gap between infant toys and bicycles.

Other benefits:

Indoor and outdoor use
No assembly or batteries needed
Durable & high quality yet lightweight construction
Made from non-toxic HDPE (plastic #2). It is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free.
Years of use means great value for money
    testimonials Piki Piki Bike
    This bike is worth the money. It's sturdy, perfect size for all my kids from 2-5 years. We all love the Piki Piki Bike.
    testimonials Piki Piki Bike
    My son is afraid of the balance bike since he fell the first time riding it and didn't want to use it at all. He LOVES the Piki Piki Bike!
    testimonials Piki Piki Bike
    I definitely recommend the Piki Piki Bike for families with small children. Don't waste money on the baby ride on toys. This bike will be fun for much longer.
    testimonials Piki Piki Bike
    Most children's toys are pretty overrated…but I can honestly say that the kids in my neighborhood go crazy for the Piki Piki.
    testimonials Piki Piki Bike
    I didn't think that a bridge between an early ride-on and balance bike was needed, but now that I see the Piki Piki Bike, I understand that more.